Welcome to The Scribble

Life is messy. Life is weird. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the world.

Here at WHILST, we have a great appreciation for words and writingwe love reading about personal journeys and reflections. We find joy in experiencing another person’s moment of revelation or understanding.

But that’s not everything, is it?

Despite our best intentions, we mess up. Sometimes we start a new exercise regime and abandon it within the week. We may join a dating app, only to end up endlessly swiping. Sometimes our journeys don’t have a destination, but an endeither abrupt or fizzled out. And that’s okay, because we’re human.

The Scribble is a collection of these half-formed, half-baked, unfiltered moments in life. It’s a space to think and talk about the things we love and the things we learnwithout the pressure of getting it right.

So here’s to mistakesto dropping the facadeto our unadulterated lives.

Welcome to The Scribble.


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