The Scribble Says “Hello!”

We are a generation distracted.

But who can blame us? Social media interaction aside, our attention is pulled in a hundred directions every minute. We feel constantly busy but can’t pinpoint the reasons why. The direction we’re moving in may be unknown, but we have to keep moving because the hustle doesn’t wait for anyone. Who has time to stop and think about life, much less write about it?

WHILST is a revolution. It is an invitation to pause, to appreciate the present moment and not just the result. It is the quiet suggestion that life is fuller when space is made to create and dream and hope. It is a celebration of the struggle, the process, the construction phase. It recognizes the tension between the already but not yet, and embraces it.

But there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes between the moment we receive a submission and the moment we launch an issue, and we want to give you a front-row seat to all of the mess and the false starts and the incomplete thoughts. We are humans just learning how to cope with our own humanity, and we want to invite you into this space of trying and failing and trying again. This is The Scribble, where we rant about grammar and talk about our favorite TV show and share that BuzzFeed article we can’t stop laughing about and swear a little and be, unabashedly and unapologetically, ourselves.

Join us on our quest to be more human.


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