Most of my inspiration comes from wandering around the nooks and crannies of this world while traveling, whether it’s across the world in Thailand or Sri Lanka or in my own backyard in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Leave space. These are the words that have run through my soul over the past year. I’ve noticed a great change in my day-to-day life, my art, and my travels when I leave space for the unknown, allowing my spirit to lead the way instead of adhering to an agenda. For me, personally, this has opened doors to so many unexpected and authentic relationships, adventures, and creative energy that I could never have planned myself. By slowing my pace, I’m able to fully take in my new surroundings—the smells, the way the locals do life, the language, and the land itself. Those things are far better than any souvenir I could ever buy. I’m so thankful for these moments of exploring the earth and all its beauty, and I am especially thankful for the inspiration it’s given me for my work.

Brooke Gudenau

Brooke is a freelance artist who lives in a mobile home in beautiful San Juan Capistrano with her husband, animals and veggie garden. She will most likely be wearing the latest and greatest fashion by Mother Earth aka dirt, sand, seaweed and or paint. She spends most days surfing or chewin the fat with just about anyone and everyone. If you see her romping around town be sure to give a shout out and y’all will be talking and laughing as if you have been friends for years.

Instagram: @bevyandbrine