Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder why bad things happen

If people are intrinsically good

And deserve the benefit of the doubt

Yet there is a rotten apple in every bunch


Sometimes I wonder why bad things happen to me

If I live my life as best I can

And try to spread goodness and cheer

Yet you violated me, body and mind


Sometimes I wonder why bad things never happen to you

If you are a vile human being

And infected me with your diseased soul

Yet you are immune to the consequences  


Sometimes I wonder who I would have been

If I had never met you

And lived a happy life

I’d be the best version of me


Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever find my true self

And where she is hiding

Lost in this limbo

Of healing, strength, and determination

Mia Sutton

Mia is a writer, blogger, and poet. She’s also the Editorial Manager for Holl & Lane Magazine. A lifelong word nerd, she appreciates storytelling in all its forms. In her spare time, she likes to eat donuts and watch cheesy action movies with her husband and two sons. Follow along with Mia on Twitter @miasuttonblog or on her blog (





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