Sam Yoo

Sam Yoo is a Korean-American self-taught photographer. He started learning how to use a camera while serving at an orphanage in Thailand in 2008. Without anyone to teach him the proper skills, Sam dedicated himself to going down to the beach several times a week to practice. He spent time experimenting with different settings, and managed to land a few good shots. After returning home from his journey abroad, he continued going to the beach to practice. The ocean quickly became his favorite subject due to its unpredictable nature and the stories it holds.

In 2013, Sam made his first serious camera purchase and bought a Nikon D800. This camera enabled him to capture the sea like never before; unfortunately, it was destroyed by a giant wave a few months later. After that loss, he took a break from photography but it wasn’t long before he felt the itch to shoot again. He then made the decision to switch to Canon and bought a 5D Mark ii.

In 2016, Sam started to market himself as serious photographer. He’s been featured in several art shows in San Diego (including a solo show) and has begun exhibiting work in Laguna Beach during the artwalk every month. He has also self-published a book of his photographs. He loves sharing his images to encourage others to pursue their creative dreams.