Overheard, or, Eavesdropping

She’s analytic?

very—VERY. She has a thing to

schedule on her phone.


Was La La Land worth

the Academy Award?

No, no it was not.


Each time I start to

grow hair I can feel that is

what we fight over.


You need to post more.

No one cares if you hashtag

#fitmom—it’s for the likes.


How was your workout?

Let’s talk about that later.

Breakfast burrito.


Stacks and stacks of boxes and clothes.

I mean she’s in transition,

but I thought she was so meticulous.


I’m just kidding just

kidding you want to slap me

right now don’t you, ha


But everyone

makes it to the world cup, right?



There is nothing worse

than trying and failing to

get more followers.


In the midst, while on

the search for treasure, a trove.

Behold, eavesdropping.

Sophia is an Orange County based writer with a penchant for comedy. She once overheard someone say writers are snobs, and she has been trying to live up to this standard ever since. So far, her snobbery includes an exaggerated respect for people who can spell “weird” right on the first go (she can’t), and those who believe a love for the Harry Potter series indicates superior taste in literature. Her friendship has been called “sometimes good” by her mother, and “useful” by her cat. Don’t miss out.