Note from the Editors .03

Welcome to the long-awaited year of 2017! Everything in your life has led you up to this point. Literally. But in all seriousness, we wanted to publish this issue during the stillness that follows the clock striking twelve. This issue represents the turning of the page, a new chapter whilst adventuring into the new year.

Issue .03 begins sojourning into the desert landscape of discovery and self recognition in Corvina’s observations about the unknown. In Embracing the While there is an essence of accepting newness as it comes and embarking with resolute patience on the path lies ahead. We experience growth in new spaces and places in pieces Community, Chicago 2.12.16, and Jewels. Finally, setting time aside for reflection with Settle Down and pausing for peace and recollection in Lungs, we turn introspective and are patient with our bodies and minds in ways that propel us forward.

We have meditated on and rejoiced over the process within this magazine, this issue, and connecting with our contributors and are so thankful to have moments in time to create beautifully with others. We hope that these stories and reflections can bring light and rebirth to this brand new year and will inspire new stories for issues to come.

Devon + Jane

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