Note from the Editor .02

We’ve had one tumultuous summer. Between a raucous political arena and irrational violence, we have arrived in September feeling raw and collectively out of breath. It’s possible that like me you have felt the paralysis of disillusionment.

As I’ve read the pieces of Issue .02 over the past few months, I’ve found a theme tracing through each of them–a subtle sense of movement, a stirring at the cellular level. They have reminded me that progress is measured in moments rather than extreme actions.

I’ve remembered that change is forged within difficult strands of seconds as McKenna describes when “coming to terms with the end of a friendship,” and through painfully shedding the past, as Lindsey writes “the release of memory from mind to page.”

I have reflected on Andrea’s story of a lost and regained sense of self, and Kellie’s vivid portrayal of facing anxiety and depression and emerging on the other side.

I’ve been encouraged by Khristy’s rumination that “it’s okay to not be okay all the time.” A truth so simple but not often spoken.

Each piece represents a choice that was made, a decision to move forward in spite of chaos and even despair. These quiet acts of resilience have renewed a sense of hope that I can reach beyond circumstances and into the future. That we all can allow truth to stir something inside of us regardless of the storm outside.


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