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The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected; or, the state of being connected.

When I think about what Whilst Magazine is, I think about the relationships Whilst has brought me and the unique journeys of all the individuals who have shared their stories in Whilst’s pages. This issue is a centering of our mission and goals. Whilst exists to develop and curate stories of in the midst moments, and in many of those moments, there is a relationship to something or someone.

This new issue centers around the idea that we have relationship in our lives even when relationship doesn’t always look the same way. In this issue, we have stories of loss and learning to live on when another has left. We have stories of unwarranted and unwanted relationships. These kind of relationships can often leave the most lasting impressions on our souls. And we have the relationships that fill us with desire and dazzle us with their lights and love.

I liked the idea of showcasing all the ways that relationships can waltz in and out of our lives, perhaps without us even noticing. I find that the relationships I value the most have danced in, unannounced, and left shoe scuffs on the floor to remind me of their presence even when they are gone.

My sincerest hope is that you read this issue and feel all the excitement and bewilderment that relationships bring into our daily lives. I hope that you can laugh, cry, and dwell in these moments of pure authenticity. These stories are the reason I started Whilst back in June 2016, and they are the reason that my team and I continue to create relationships with all of our past, present, and future authors.

Thank you for creating relationship with us,

Devon Johnson + Whilst Team

Whilst Founder


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