Note from the Founder .06

There are so many things I want to say about this beautiful issue of Whilst that it seems hardly fair to limit my note to one page. Regardless, I want to highlight why this particular issue is special to me.

When I first thought of starting Whilst, I was in a time of immense transition. I had just moved to England and had emotionally and physically hit rock bottom. Whilst seemed like an impossible dream that would be kept and stored on the shelf until I was rich and successful. But when you’ve hit rock bottom in a foreign country, suddenly you start asking yourself, “Why not?” Why wouldn’t I start an online magazine where people can share their stories of process and change? Because if anybody needed it in those moments, I did. If it hadn’t have been for my friends and my family who pushed me to start asking these kinds of questions, there would be no Whilst.

In this issue, our original team of editors and designers has collaborated with illustrators and photographers. This full team has brought their all to this issue and I am so incredibly proud of how it turned out. Issue .06 is by far our largest collection of unique creative talents from our very own Whilst Community, and at the core of this issue we have pieces by nine spectacular authors!

Without these key contributors, we would not have been able to produce what I personally believe is our most beautiful issue yet. I am so thankful for all the relationships that have come from this issue alone and so honored to have shared some part in the contributors’ stories.

As our community continues to grow, we hope to as well. There are so many dreams in the works that it’s almost scary to breathe them out. We are planning to go to print soon, and we also want to expand our reach by opening up opportunities in new cities.

Words fail when it comes to how excited I am about this creative work and the hands and hearts that help bring a genuine and vulnerable voice to Whilst. I cannot wait to keep growing, learning, and processing together in community as we continue to build relationships that foster and celebrate life in the midst.


Devon Johnson

Whilst Magazine Founder


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