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Note from the Editor .08


It’s the difference between taking driver’s ed and actually getting behind the wheel of a car—you can only do so much learning from a book or in a classroom or by listening to a podcast before you just have to go out and experience. And no matter how well you think you prepared yourself, at some point something is not going to go as planned, and then you get to find out how much you really know. Or how strong your friendship actually is. Or how well you handle stress. Or whether you can adapt. Travelling is an incredible privilege, but it has a tendency to push limits and breaking points in unanticipated ways. “It’s a dangerous business, going out your door,” you know.

And the really amazing thing is how vastly the way two people perceive a single experience can differ. I tagged along on my longtime friend’s post-graduation Europe trip this year, and to be honest, I wasn’t stunned by the David the way she was, but she was ready to leave the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia and I could easily have stayed for several more hours. Our reactions to unexpected circumstances contrasted sharply, and the questions that the things we saw and the people we encountered prompted us to ask were not at all the same. But at the end of those three weeks outside of our routines and the comfort of the familiar, we had both learned—about ourselves, about each other, about our relationship to the people around us and the space we exist in. We had grown.

This issue is a foray into the world beyond our front doors and a glimpse into the various ways travel impacts and changes us, whether we’re taking a trip to a different state or a country halfway across the world. It’s a collection of stories and reflections that will resonate with you and inspire you to chase your own adventure, to embrace the unknown, to encounter strangers and let them become friends. I’ve hardly been back for a month, but after reading these pieces, I’m already trying to decide where to go next!

Emily Macadam, Editor


Table of Contents


6 Travel Tips – Theresa Payne

Azulejos – Camille Newman

The Paths You Might Take – Alice Lefae

A Pole Walks into a Bar – Abby Lombardo

The Rules of Traveling  – Baruch Sanchez

I Just Knew – Melanie Lentz

A Parisian in Paris – Devon Johnson

Space – Brooke Kelley


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