Issue .07

Note from the Founder .07



The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected; or, the state of being connected.

When I think about what Whilst Magazine is, I think about the relationships Whilst has brought me and the unique journeys of all the individuals who have shared their stories in Whilst’s pages. This issue is a centering on our mission and goals. Whilst exists to develop and curate stories of in the midst moments, and in many of those moments, there is a relationship to something or someone.

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Table of Contents

A Letter to the Man with the Green Apron – Rachel Monahan

Endnotes – Alex Burrow

Glass Buildings – Brynn Mitchell

San Francisco – Molly Wilcox

Stanley – Lindsay Call

That From Which You Cannot Run – Autumn Krause

The World Below Like Stars – Avery Hall

There’s a Ghost Who Lives in my Head – Hope Anderson


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