Issue .06

Note from the Founder .06

There are so many things I want to say about this beautiful issue of Whilst that it seems hardly fair to limit my note to one page. Regardless, I want to highlight why this particular issue is special to me.

When I first thought of starting Whilst, I was in a time of immense transition. I had just moved to England and had emotionally and physically hit rock bottom. Whilst seemed like an impossible dream that would be kept and stored on the shelf until I was rich and successful. But when you’ve hit rock bottom in a foreign country, suddenly you start asking yourself, “Why not?” Why wouldn’t I start an online magazine where people can share their stories of process and change? Because if anybody needed it in those moments, I did. If it hadn’t have been for my friends and my family who pushed me to start asking these kinds of questions, there would be no Whilst.

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A List of (Mostly Ex) Lovers – Alexa Nunes

A Box Full of Dreams – Brenton Gumminger

Chalky Chai and Backyard Roses – Courtney Werner

Idyll in the Highland Mountains – Dakota Arkin Cafourek

Planting Sage and Raspberries – Grace Spaulding

When Transition Betrays Us – Katherine Kwong

Sometimes I Wonder – Mia Sutton

Far From Completion – Mindy Larsen

Tea for Two – Grace Alton


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