Issue .05

Note from the Editors .05

Issue .05 is here, and we could not be more excited and honored to share it with you. With so many new features of WHILST (like the new website, The Scribble, starting WHILST writers workshops, and designing an all-new downloadable version of the magazine), we have had our hands full trying to juggle all the moving parts. But I can confidently say that Issue .05 is something that all of our editors are very proud of, and I hope our authors and contributors are as well. We have all learned something about laying down our ideas of perfection and substituting them for grace and perseverance.

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Healing – Katie Swalm

What’s-His-Name – Jeff TannerĀ 

Practical, or, Hope – Maggie Hess

Live to Work – Taryn Kutches

Losing Control – Ami Loper

Life Interrupted – Devon White

The White Woman – Matt Blois

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