Habakkuk is a book in the Bible, where there’s a quote: ‘though it linger, wait for it.’ You always want to save the world— but it’s okay if you save one person, and it’s okay if that person is you.


11:36 in the arms of a stranger

how do you feel now,

in the centre of your loneliness?


how do you feel after building up walls

and digging out moats

and closing the gates

and withdrawing the bridges

to isolate yourself from this life?


how do you feel after opening the door

to those you do not want to love?

after letting people stain your heart?


let a shudder pass through your body

and demand more for yourself–

demand more from yourself.



to the phoenix in all of us

i will pick my shoulders up from the dirt

and stand in my own ashes


my neck will hurt

and my bones may break

but i am willing to try




so this is what it’s like

to begin again. waiting

for my cells to replace themselves

and quitting the daily habit

of turning sideways in my mirror,

going to church.

tearing the last page out

and placing my pen on cleaner paper.


Ellen lives in Orange County, California. She is in high school and her dream is to become a politician so she can change something on this earth. Ellen was born with triple citizenship (Canadaian, Korean, and American) and is a proud Catholic. She is currently working on ‘Romans’, a collection of poetry that she plans to publish this month! (or maybe the next. Writer’s block.) She also working on rebuilding herself.