I had a couple of minutes to throw myself together and get myself and my two littles out the door. I stepped into my momiform, running my fingers through my hair with one hand while I brushed my teeth with the other. I looked in the mirror. I sighed. As I spit in the sink I fumbled through the drawer for my mascara.

I unscrewed it right as my sweet-faced three-year-old rounded the corner. “What are you doing, Mommy? Can I have some?” I looked into her precious, perfectly impressionable eyes and stuck the wand back in its place. I mumbled something but felt compelled to show her that I knew I was enough without makeup. I’d figure out how to believe it later. I walked out of the house, barefaced and holding her hand, feeling nothing shy of confident in my role.

Together, we will learn that we are enough.

Lauri enjoys her role as homemaker for her husband and two small babes, trying desperately to keep a clean house and make as many meals from scratch as she can while keeping her kids alive. In the last few years she has traded running for podcasting and wine tasting for chocolate milk on the deck. Although life changes frequently, she enjoys trying to learn from the shifts and discovering more and more of what really matters. You can join her in the process on Instagram unless you live in Santa Barbara, and maybe then you could be real live friends.