Did anything ever happen between us?


I don’t think either of us know.

Which probably means something did


I can’t read your mind

Unless you spill it out for me


Why are guys so stupid?


I guess they are as stupid as girls are


With your frills

Fishing for compliments


Covered in fish guts,

Pretending they were yours

So you didn’t have to open

Up as much as you wished

You could


I steered clear of that pond and pool often


Lakes of women never really were my scene


I never tried to impress anyone


You were always beautiful

It was so stuck far down inside of me

That it was hard to say


My heart knew it

And I felt it constantly

Sorry it’s so hard to get out sometimes


Sorry I never cut the crap with you,

Or my heart out of my chest to show

You all that I really felt for you.

I had always wanted to


We are not lost,

Only finding our way


Neither of us are stupid

Alex Burrow: “I write for personal enjoyment, finding myself frequently using the medium both as a creative outlet and for expressing deeper ruminations.”

Get in touch with Alex: thealexburrow [at] gmail.com

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