Devon Johnson

Devon has loved magazines ever since she could read. She has lived in Dubai, London, and Santa Barbara, experiences which have provided her with an insatiable taste for travel. She has been published in her college literary journal, the Phoenix, and is currently writing a fiction novel. She loves working with authors and creatives on their processes from start to finish. She is also a self-proclaimed coffee addict (3 cups today, and counting).

You can contact her directly at devon[at] or just stalk her on Instagram @devonanne2015.

| Founder, Creative Director, Editor


Jane Roberts

Jane may actually be Leslie Knope, we’re not sure. She is a web developer who believes design can be used to empower and educate. A serial entrepreneur, she loves all things start-up. She is also obsessed with urban planning and architecture–start a conversation with her about it at your own risk.

You can reach her via email at jane[at] or find her on Instagram @j.rbts.

| Web Content Editor, Advisor 


Emily Macadam

Emily’s skills range from word wizardry to gourmet food creations. [We had to tell you that because she would never.] In her free time she enjoys watching Sherlock whilst eating almond milk ice cream (that pun was hers, told you she was good). She has been editing our papers since high school and was the prose editor for
Gordon College’s literary publication, the Idiom. She has also edited published movie review compilations.

| Staff Editor, Writer


Niki Blois

Niki Blois’s lifelong obsession with fantasy, writing, reading, and words began in the year 2000 when she cracked open her first Harry Potter book, The Sorcerer’s Stone. Her favorite T.V. show is Avatar: The Last Airbender, and she is fascinated by the character Zuko’s transformational story arc. Niki ranks mint chocolate chip ice cream as her number one favorite food. She is currently working on her first YA fiction novel.

| Staff Editor, Writer


Karli Moceri

Karli has been known to exhibit New Girl qualities like singing normal sentences and putting her hair in pigtails. She is obsessed with the combination of cornflakes, milk, and Nutella (just try it). She likes traveling to opposite climates, such as Norway and Greece, and can’t seem to stop. She is a coffee-preneur and takes beautiful photos.

Follow her adventures on Instagram @karlibobarley.

| Staff Photographer


Donald Scherschligt

A recent graduate of Westmont College, Donald is now beginning his graphic design career. His Patronus is gold–just gold, no animals are involved. He loves any type of food with copious amounts of melted cheese and has way too many favorite T.V. shows, including but not limited to Orange is the New Black, Transparent, and Breaking Bad.

| Logo Designer