A place where the blue meets the green – someone told me when I arrived in the Basque Country. The thing is that it’s true. Here there is a breathtaking union of colors, untouched nature, and a never-ending sea.

I wanted to create a series that represented this idea, this belief. This how I see the Basque coast and how I saw it for the first time.

The series is called “Azulejos” because that is what they are, tiny tiles of the coast. It is a color palette, darks, lights, and gradients. When they are by themselves, they are beautiful, and together, they tell a story that fits just right.

Camille Newman

Camille is a designer based in the Basque Country. Her work focuses on travel and gastronomic design. She is currently specializing in ceramic tableware design. When she isn’t designing, she loves the ocean and traveling to try new foods.

Instagram: @camiariz