Andrea Hamilton: Hope & Struggle

Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Andrea Hamilton released her album, Hope and Struggle, earlier this month. Andrea has been performing and writing music since the age of 16, and the lyrics of this aptly named album reveal much of what her journey has been like. With a bright pop sound and style that reflects her musical influences, Ingrid Michaelson and HAIM, Hamilton declares that she now embraces her hardships in “Higher,” So now you get it, I’m unbreakable. Whatever happens I will overcome.

In the anthem ballad, “An Easy Life” she reveals her gratitude for how her life has taken shape, struggles and all. Andrea also speaks openly about her marriage proclaiming her love in the upbeat “Our Love” and wrestling with releasing independence in synth-ridden “Love You Better.”

And while Andrea detailed her journey through her lyrics, she also embarked on a new one creating this album. Hope and Struggle is the debut of her co-producing and sound programming skills. Her seventh independent release, she worked with producer Kevin Penner at Greenbean Studios and took a more hands-on role in designing the sound and feel of every song. From writing over 60 songs, to demo producing 15, to co-producing 12 and then marketing and promoting the record, Andrea has been a true DIY artist throughout the album process, and you can hear her heart profoundly in the final product.

You can see her perform live on February 24th at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles at her album release show!