About Us

Whilst is a word that comes in between things. ‘We came up with the idea whilst drinking coffee early one morning.’ It can be overlooked in a sentence, but it allows for transition and emphasizes process.

Whilst magazine is a compilation of “in the midst” moments. We have found so much freedom and creative energy from just dwelling in moments and realizing the power the mind can have over our experiences.

Whilst Magazine is here to curate “in the midst” moments whilst cultivating a culture of authenticity.

Our in the midst moments have the power to turn into opportunities to engage with the world around us. We want to hear about how a conversation with a stranger changed your perspective. Or how you want to influence the world through your infatuation with music or fascination with science. We want to know about those moments and ideas, and how they changed the way you see life, and we especially want you to process them in community. We exist to encourage community through authentic writing to help us recapture the depths of our lives.

Express them, send them our way. Other people want to hear them too.

Devon Johnson 


Devon Johnson, Founder

Devon is a wannabe nerd. She has an unfathomable love for Anne of Green Gables and has a bosom friend in her phone contacts. She loves reading ridiculously cheesy YA novels, watching Avatar the Last Airbender, and hopes to one day have the job title of “traveler extraordinaire.” She is a self-proclaimed breakfast and brunch connoisseur (ask her about her favourite breakfast foods sometime). Her favourite words include a proper English ‘u’ because why not make the world a bit more colourful.

Three of her favourite things:

✴ Star Wars

✴ Andrew Garfield

✴ The Bachelor


Instagram: @Devonanne2015


Emily Macadam, Editor

Emily is a baker in the morning, an avid handstand-walker in the afternoon, and a writer in the evening. She never makes the exact same cookie recipe twice because she doesn’t measure her ingredients, but in second grade she obtained the best apple pie recipe in existence. For Niki’s sake she feels obligated to say that her favourite punctuation mark is the en dash, but it’s really the semi-colon for the endless possibilities it allows (but let us never forget that with great power comes great responsibility).

Three of her favourite things:

✴ Thanksgiving

 The Perks of Being a Wallflower

✴ Margaritas


Niki Blois, Editor

Niki spells her name the best way—with only one k. She excels at imagining worst-case scenarios and spends way too much time watching daily vlogs on YouTube. Her first love was Harry Potter, she was an English major in college, and her goal in life is to write a good book. Most likely a YA fantasy with a feminist bent and lots of magic. (She’s already written a sort of okay book, so she’s getting there!) Her favorite punctuation mark? The em dash. (She’s also the only editor who stubbornly refuses to use the British spellings of words.)

Three of her favorite things:

✴ Sleeping at Last

✴ Ginger and turmeric tea

✴ Kell Maresh and Lila Bard (this counts as one)


Karli Moceri, Photographer


Jessie Brito, Designer


Jane Roberts, Designer


Emmanuel Brito, IT Services



Grace Alton, Illustrator

I’m a freelance illustrator who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, UK, back in 2006. I have since worked freelance on projects for magazines and advertising agencies and I’m very excited to say that I’m also about to have my first children’s book published. I produce all my work digitally in Adobe Photoshop via my Wacom tablet, which allows me to express a hand-drawn, raw quality in my illustrations whilst also ensuring the imagery can meet the technological demands of the projects I’m involved with. My partner and I bought an old farmhouse with some land a few years ago in the countryside in Lincolnshire, UK. We are partway through renovating and preparing our small holding and it is where we will continue to bring up our 18-month-old daughter for hopefully many years to come, teaching her the ways of the countryside and looking after our animals. It is this lifestyle that inspires my illustrations. I love earthy colors and a simple way of living and I hope to produce many self-initiated pieces of work based loosely around my lifestyle.

@gracealtonillustration ✴ http://www.gracealton.com/


Sami Davis, Illustrator

On the shores of Southern California, Sami cultivated her creative lifestyle from a young age; enjoying nothing more than running around the backyard with bare feet. As she grew up dabbling in paint and other creative media, Sami knew her career MUST have a huge artistic impact—if not, what was she even doing? After achieving a degree in Visual Communications at FIDM and gaining experience in marketing, graphic design, event management, product styling, and fine arts, her aesthetic has been nothing but experimental through her years as a designer. Her approach is innovative and full of emotion, with direct influence from the shapes of the flora and fauna which surround all of us.

Her biggest mission? To elevate what the world thinks “beautiful” means and encourage thinking outside all bounds. Bringing art and creative ambition to all aspects of life makes her heart the happiest. That—and a cold jasmine milk tea with boba.

Instagram: @theunexpectedtype
Pinterest: @unexpectedtype
Twitter: @unexpectedtype