About Us

Whilst is a word that comes in between things. ‘We came up with the idea whilst drinking coffee early one morning.’ It can be overlooked in a sentence, but it allows for transition and emphasizes process.

Whilst magazine is a compilation of “in the midst” moments. We have found so much freedom and creative energy from just dwelling in moments and realizing the power the mind can have over our experiences.

Our in the midst moments have the power to turn into opportunities to engage with the world around us. We want to hear about how a conversation with a stranger changed your perspective. Or how you want to influence the world through your infatuation with music or fascination with science. We want to know about those moments and ideas, and how they changed the way you see life, and we especially want you to process them in community. We exist to encourage community through authentic writing to help us recapture the depths of our lives.

Express them, send them our way. Other people want to hear them too.

Devon Johnson 
Whilst Magazine